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Hotel “Georgiy” invites ski lovers

Skiing is a sport and an excellent outdoor activity. Everyone who has experienced the speed and adrenaline, flying on a snow-covered slope, dreams to go back to the winter mountains. For modern skiers, an important part of such vacation is a good infrastructure of resorts and the opportunity to spend leisure time with comfort. Our hotel has everything you need for an excellent skiing holiday. We have equipped a special ski storage room, where you can also dry your boots and mittens. There is a special boots dryer installed, where heated and UV-disinfected air is supplied. Thus, an antibacterial effect is achieved. There are heated wardrobes for outerwear beside each room. Even if it gets wet due to the melted snow, by the next morning it will be completely dry. You may not worry about the safety of equipment and clothing: everything is guarded, and the hotel has security cameras installed.

After an active sports day it is especially pleasant to take the banya. A real wood-fired banya at the Hotel “Georgiy” is what you need for rest and relaxation. Our restaurant will delight the guests with a delicious variety of dishes and beverages.

At the ski resorts, you can rent the skis and practice with an instructor. Five kilometres away from the hotel, the chairlifts of the centre “Zveniv” can be found; the ski complex “Plai” is also not far from the hotel. The popular ski resort “Slavske” is located 30 km from our hotel. We organize a transfer for our guests. What are the best places for beginners or experienced skiers?

Ski resort “Plai”

This is a complex for sports and entertainment. It has several chairlifts on its territory with the longest one reaching 1,200 m. There are “blue” skiing pistes for beginners, “red” and “black” for experienced skiers. The slopes are maintained by professional snow groomers, and snow making machines help if there is not enough natural snow.

The resort provides the opportunity to relax and dine in the cozy cafes. The instructors will teach the art of skiing both adults and young tourists.

Ski resort “Zakhar Berkut”

It is a part of the “family” of ski centres near the village of Slavske, located in the village of Volosyanka. There are chairlifts and three surface lifts for the guests, as well as a multi-lift for beginners and children; the children under age five may use the resort’s services free of charge. The chairlift of the complex is considered to be the longest in Ukraine – 2,710 m, it can transport up to 320 people per hour.

In general, “Zakhar Berkut” has 9 kilometres of skiing pistes of various difficulty modes. There are cafes at all stations of the lift.

Ski resort “Slavske”

This large and very popular resort in Ukraine annually attracts thousands of skiers by its intensive infrastructure and a lot of day and night entertainment.
There are more than 20 surface lifts and two chairlifts on the skiing pistes in Slavske. More than 7 thousand skiers per hour can reach the desired skiing pistes, some of which are of European importance. On the skiing piste of the sports complex “Dynamo”, international competitions in winter sports are held. The Politekhnik mountain is popular with the beginner skiers, because its slopes are wide and easy. The Pogar mountain, which is located in the very centre of “Slavske”, is the place where the snowboarders often gather. In the evening, the skiing pistes are well lit here.
Exciting skiing is said to be guaranteed by the admirers of the Trostyan mountain: from here you can go down almost in any direction. There is a gentle slope for beginners at the foot of the mountain, which is jokingly called the “Great Valley of Dummies.”
Tourists will find excellent service and high-speed chairlifts on Varshavka mountain. It will be interesting to those who want to conquer wildlands.

Downhill skiing at “Zveniv”

Complex “Zveniv” works in the village of Oryavchyk, where hotel “Georgiy” is located. There are four skiing pistes with a length of 400 m to 1,400 m. There are also two skiing pistes for those who have just started learning to ski. There are three surface lifts to reach the down-run spot.

The centre will appeal to beginners and snowboarders, since the queues at the surface lifts are rare here, and the slopes are well-groomed.

Highly experienced instructors work at the complex as well.

Ski resort “Trostyan”

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*Additional accommodation of children over 12 years old is considered as an accommodation of adults and full payment will be charged.