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Hotel “Georgiy” offers many guided tours, according to your choice:

  • “Boykivski Vechornytsi” will bring us back to the spiritual sources of the original Ukrainian ethnos. To the tune of a magic violin, a unique flute, to the sound of an accordion, and a call of a tambourine, you are given a hospitable welcome and are invited to the abundant table.
  • Kamenka Waterfall is a waterfall on the river of the same name Kamenka, which is located in Skole district of Lviv region near the village of Dubyna. The waterfall itself belongs to the national Skole Beskids National Park and is a geological landmark of nature and the object of recreational tourism.
  • Dolphinarium – if you are on vacation with children or you just like water shows, then the team of the Hotel “Georgiy” will organize an unforgettable vacation and entertainment for the whole family.
  • Carpathian safari – get the experience of travellers along the mountain ranges of the Carpathian Mountains at naturally aspirated GAZ-66, enjoy nature and an open-air picnic. 
  • ATV ride – Do you want new experience and bright, unforgettable emotions? Or maybe you just want to have a great time with your family or friends while studying the nature of Transcarpathia? Then ATV ride is just what you need!
  • Kolyba – There are two types of kolybas in the Carpathians. “Black kolyba” has a place for a fire and a hole for smoke. Such huts are smoked, cold and snowy. We offer you to plunge into the Ukrainian ethnos with comfort. Bright, warm and cosy place where you can dine, have a rest and even more deeply experience the hospitality of the Carpathians, with all the traditions. This excursion is aimed at full immersion in the heritage of Western Ukraine.
  • Horse riding – perfectly trained and well-groomed horses are at your service, under the guidance of an experienced instructor. You will be offered horse riding lasting from one hour. On request, you can get horse riding lessons or hold a photo session. Children can ride on the kindest pony.
  • The ski resort offers a kind of outdoor activities to burn off extra calories. The complex for skiing and snowboarding has six skiing pistes, the longest of which has a length of 1,200 meters. The elevation is 260 meters. There are two Doppelmayr four-chair lifts (each kilometre long) and one surface lift. The surface lift is equipped on the skiing piste for beginners. There is also a separate small skiing piste for children and a playground.
  • High-rope courses are another kind of outdoor activities. The uniqueness of the courses is that the height above the ground is more than 12 m, and there is one hundred meter trolley descent. The courses perfectly fit into the sports infrastructure of the complex, and along with the climbing wall forms a complex of daily active attractions for children of different groups and ages.
  • Paintball is an excellent opportunity to ease the tension and stress in a game with the easiest rules. A dose of adrenaline from the paintball game will be enough to feel like a cool action hero, and the playing ground is the best place to prove to everyone that you are the best! Paintball is a universal game, so your age and physical form do not matter, and only the desire to play is important. So, remember the childhood and do not miss out on the adventures!
  • Fishing – the banks of the river are very picturesque and uncrowded, virgin forests delight with their beauty and abundance of animals, and as for the fish …  
  • Journey to Synevyr Lake – The picturesque landscapes of these places attract a never-ending flow of tourists here all year round. Each time the rest on Synevyr Lake brings new and unforgettable experience. Throughout the year, it is fabulously beautiful here, and there are always things to do.
  • Journey to the rocks of Dovbush – Rocks formed over 70 million years ago at the bottom of the sea, then the sea disappeared, and the rains and wind formed fanciful remnants of the Yamne sandstone. The rock mass stretches for 1 kilometre and is about 200 meters in width. The rocks of Dovbush are surrounded by beech and spruce forests. Pagans were the first to choose this place in the 17-10 centuries BC, and their sanctuary was here. As Christianity advanced, a small monastery was built in the rocks, followed by a guard fortress, which withstood the attack of the Mongol-Tatars and ceased to exist only in the 16th century. One can see three caves excaved by the monks in the rocks, there are still fragments of an old well and a protective ditch. Legends say there is a secret cave there, closed by a stone. It opens if you say the right word. Dovbush kept treasures taken away from the rich there. The carved caves have smooth rectangular shapes, some show visible artificial room cavities; there are steps.
  • Guided Tour to Tustan fortress is a state historical and cultural reserved area, which is located in the Podgorodtsevskyi forest district, near the village of Urich, Skole district, Lviv region, near the town of Boryslav. Since the 18th century, numerous tourists, travellers, ethnographers and historians have come here. At one time, these places were visited by D. Galytskyi, I.Vahilevych, I.Franko, Lesya Ukrainka. Tustan today is a historical monument and reserved area, and also the ruins of an old Russian rock defensive complex and a fortress city. The complex of the fortress city has the rocks Zhelob, Malaya Skala, Kamen, Ostryi Kamen and others. The remains of a stone wall, steps, caves, two water tanks and a well can be found here.

As well as the following entertainment:

  • Banya – what could be better after an actively spent day than a rest in a real wood-fired banya? Guests of the Hotel “Georgiy” may enjoy an excellent wood-fired banya with a rest room and a bathroom.
  • Table tennis is a great way to have an energetic pastime for those who prefer serious activities, and for those who hold a racket for the first time in their lives. 
  • Billiards is a game for everyone, and everyone will be able to have fun, no matter if he/she has been playing for ten years or for the first time! A simple pocketed ball or a party with a billiard cue will always indulge to the player. If you have not tried and feel shy but you want to try, work up the courage and go! You will not regret! To start you need very little. Desire, a drop of courage and a couple of hours of free time. 
  • Hookah is a philosophy that helps to create a relaxed special atmosphere, something akin to aromatherapy and immersion in a special world of smells, thoughts and ideas. This exotic device is now popular all over the world. 
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*Additional accommodation of children over 12 years old is considered as an accommodation of adults and full payment will be charged.